BlueShare is a client/server system built for sharing instruments and effects within the Blue program itself. Users can load BlueShare within Blue from the Tools menu. From the tool, you can download instruments and effects directly into your program libraries, as well as upload your own items to share with other users.

To share items, you will need to sign up for an account on this website. Once you've signed up, you can upload items using the same username and password.


Latest Effects Xml

Effect Name Created At User
Paul 2020-07-05 1:12pm Menno0
Pulsator 2020-06-09 1:19pm Menno0
SolinaStereo 2020-06-02 8:26pm Menno0
StChorus 2020-06-02 9:43am Menno0
Solina 2020-06-01 9:35am Menno0
Waveguides 2020-05-17 2:50pm Menno0
Body Type M 2020-05-17 2:50pm Menno0
ladspa fastLookaheadLimiter 2020-05-17 2:50pm Menno0
ladspa ZaMaximX2 2020-05-17 2:50pm Menno0
JSFX Peak-1 Limiter 2020-05-17 2:49pm Menno0

Latest Instruments Xml

Instrument Name Type Created At User
Cycloop BlueSynthBuilder 2020-07-02 9:25pm Menno0
PADsynthXtended BlueSynthBuilder 2020-07-01 7:43pm Menno0
XlooperSeq BlueSynthBuilder 2020-06-30 7:47pm Menno0
XlooperSolo BlueSynthBuilder 2020-06-30 2:09pm Menno0
Cycloop BlueSynthBuilder 2019-10-17 10:43am Menno0
SFplayer BlueSynthBuilder 2019-09-30 2:07pm Menno0
SFluidly BlueSynthBuilder 2019-09-02 6:12pm Menno0
SFinst BlueSynthBuilder 2019-09-01 6:43pm Menno0
SFXloop BlueSynthBuilder 2019-09-01 6:43pm Menno0
ImagePlayer3.1 BlueSynthBuilder 2019-06-12 12:44pm Menno0

Latest SoundObjects Xml

SoundObject Name Created At User
Cycloop 2020-07-03 7:06pm Menno0
XlooperSolo1.3 2019-11-26 5:01pm Menno0
ImagePlayer3.1 2019-07-10 12:10pm Menno0
Partikkulary 2019-06-03 12:29pm Menno0
ATS Player Xtended 2019-04-19 2:23pm Menno0
ATS Creator 2019-03-19 9:14am Menno0
OSC Reaper control 1.1 2018-07-11 7:43pm Menno0
OSC Ardour control 1.4 2018-01-28 7:45pm Menno0
partikkel 2017-10-03 2:51pm stevenyi
Midi Out3.0 2017-09-20 1:07pm Menno0