Name 2channelModulate
Created At 2022-11-21 3:19pm
Submitted By Menno0

2channelModulate outputs 2 output modulations, one has the inverse phase of the other.
2 ranges can be set: from -1 to 1 or from 0 to 1

This modulator can be used to, for example having set the range to 0..1, modulate the amplitude of 2 instruments. Where the amplitude of the one increases, the amplitude of the other decreases at the same speed.
When set at slow speeds, one instrument takes over the other one etc. When set to higher speeds, these 2 instruments seem to merge.
The range -1..1 can be used, for example, to modulate around a fixed value. A filter of instrument 1 will get modulated around its filter setting, while in instrument 2 the same thing will happen but in inverse.

Idea is to create some level of interdependence between 2 instruments.

2channelModulate uses the Global variable system to communicate between different instruments.
In the instruments to be modulated, code must be added. For example, for amplitude for the first instrument:

blueMixerOut asigL * gkModulate, asigR * gkModulate

for the second instrument:

blueMixerOut asigL * gkModulate_inverse, asigR * gkModulate_inverse


version 1.1, November 2022
- changed chnset/chnget for Global k rates (simpler)

version 1, November 2022
- initial version