Name AthenaCL Score generator
Created At 2023-01-30 10:21am
Submitted By Menno0

The AthenaCL Score Generator is not an easy click and play module.
AthenaCL has tons of options that make it hard to master, and can produce unexpected but interesting results. So, this ObjectBuilder is not the easiest one to understand and use. You should know your way in AthenaCL itself in order to appriciate this module.
One must really try and try some more, but i can be VERY rewarding. In any case, you'll need the AthenaCL manual by your side, start with a simple basic setting and work your way up.

AthenaCL for python 3 can be found here:
Big thanks to Ales Tsurko to have converted it to python 3!
Another big thanks goes to Michael Gogins, who implemented 2 seed options: 1 for the TextureModule (creates the structure), 1 for "the rest" (ParameterObjects).
Leaving the seeds open lets the computer decide what sequence is generated, each run a different one but according to the rules.

You should run the from Steven Yi as it acts as a bridge between AthenaCL and Blue. The command line looks something like: python3 /PATH/TO/athenaCL/athenaCL/ $infile sends the data from the AthenaCL Score Generator to AthenaCL.

Every pfield can be set up to use PathRead. However, In this module, you need to set PathRead in P4 to read notes, frequencies and such, and convert them to the values you need in your instrument. It is possible to use the normal Path ( pin ) to make 4 multisets and give each MultiSet a weight.
P2 = BPM. Csound has basic 60 bpm, i use 120 bpm- the AthenaCL default.
P3 = combination of rhythm, duration and accents. So P2 and P3 work together to produce the final result.
P4 = set for input of notes or frequencies, sieves, and up to 4 MultiSets. Use on/off switch to switch MultiSet, and add a weighting for the MultiSet
but P4 can be set to other ParameterObjects, like random. Use the filter to get the values in a useable range

In AthenaCL, amplitude and panning have their own meaning, but here in the AthenaCL Score Generator these are ommitted.
Use the TEST button beforehand to check to see if you get the desired results. It is easy to make typing errors...

The AthenaCL Score Generator generates data for 12 pfields. It can NOT produce less, or more pfields. If you have an instrument that only uses 6 pfields, the Csound output will protest but still work:
WARNING: instr 1 uses 6 p-fields but is given 12
Perhaps in a future realease this can be improved, but hey- it works....


version 1.4, April 2021
- seed for TextureModule (TMsd)
- seed for the rest = ParameterObjects (TPsd)

version 1.3, March 2021
- added the 4 x MultiSet option and weighting per Set

version 1.2 February 2021
- added Texture Clone with filtering options
- set original Texture to mute, use only TextureClone output

version 1.1, february 2021
- now all pfields >3 can produce the PathRead to freq etc.
- simplified GUI
- added help in the balloons

version 1.0, february 2021
- initial version by Menno Knevel