Name 2OutputModulator
Created At 2022-12-16 2:14pm
Submitted By Menno0
Type blue.orchestra.BlueSynthBuilder

This Instrument creates 2 Low Frequency Oscilators: 1 normal and 1 phaase inverted.
1 or 2 modules can be activated. They are then mixed, so more comples modulations are possible.

Example: the normal output modulates the amplitude of 1 instrument, and the phase inverted one the amplitude of a 2nd instrument. Result is that one gets louder, the other gets softer in the same speed.

2OutputModulator uses the Global variable system to send the LFO signals to different instruments.
In the instruments to be modulated, code must be added. Following the example above, for amplitude for the first instrument:
blueMixerOut asigL * gkModulate, asigR * gkModulate
for the second instrument:
blueMixerOut asigL * gkModulate_inverse, asigR * gkModulate_inverse


version 1.2, December 2022
- initial version