Name SFplayer
Created At 2020-12-03 4:59pm
Submitted By Menno0
Type blue.orchestra.BlueSynthBuilder


SFplayer, based on the splay3 opcode, loads a Soundfont and plays the presets of a SoundFont.
It does not use any of the transformations like internal modulations, reverb or chorus as embedde in the preset of the SoundFont,
but does however respect the start and end loop points of the Soundfonts' preset.

SFplayer is suited for use in microtonal compositions; for instance, the PianoRoll Object can contain an arbitrary tone scale, SFplayer will follow the notes nicely when microtuned.
SFplayer can take midi note numbers as entries for p4, but also frequencies. A PianoRoll for example, must be set to Pch Generation --> MIDI or Pch Generation --> Frequency.
P5 should be set to values 0 - 1.

Reason for this instrument is my wish to have easy acces to (acoustic) musical instruments but with different and interesting transformation options and microtonality.
This makes the well-known and mostly harmonic sounds a basic material, to start molding new sounds with an already acoustical property.

Note: Big SoundFonts (> 100MB)take a while to load and play.

note example:
i2 0 0.8 60 1.0 ; P4 = midi value, P5 = amplitude
i2 0 0.2 261.625565 1.0 ; P4 = frequency, P5 = amplitude


see the help balloon when hovering over the controllers in the instrument. Help can be turned off by pressing the 'I' button next to the play bar.


version 3.1, December 2020
- added color option, for accessing a sample on a different key
- added tremolo envelope

version 3.0, October 2020
- big overhaul: new filters
- filters have amplitude or frequency/pitch followers (exponentially)
- switch for P4 = frequency or MidiPitch
- 2 types of filter envelopes, can be mixed
- optional Score Module

version 2.0, July 2020
- big changes in: dynamics, vibrato,

version 1.1, August 2019
- added Show Midi Key, so you know what keys are hit and adjust the range of the preset accordingly
- added Depth slider for filters

version 1, August 2019
- first version- that's why i call it version 1