Name REAPER OSC faders
Created At 2022-01-01 2:45pm
Submitted By Menno0
Type blue.orchestra.BlueSynthBuilder


This instrument controls the Mixer faders of the DAW Reaper.
The code for this AlwaysOn instrument can be found in the Always-On Instrument Text. As an AlwaysOn instrument, it is always on :-)
So wherever you are on the Timeline, this instrument is active and the faders can be used to make a mix or change 12 Tracks of Reaper.
If Blue and Reaper are running on the same computer, you can use one of these IP addresses: localhost or
Be sure to choose another Port than 8000 as this Port is used by default by Blue to receive OSC messages.

There is a complementary SoundObject in BlueShare called REAPER OSC command, that allows sending static OSC commands to Reaper, in order to Play or Stop the playback head of Reaper.
Several SoundObjects must be placed on the TimeLine, providing Reaper with the rigth static commands.


version 1.0, November 2021
- initial version

version 1.1, January 2022
- added Playrate