Name XlooperSolo
Created At 2020-11-10 9:09am
Submitted By Menno0
Type blue.orchestra.BlueSynthBuilder


XlooperSolo is a sampler for mono and stereo samples.
It can loop at any arbirary points, the loop points can be changed while playing. A fade time should is a guarantee (most of the times) for clickless loops.
Attention: by activating the filter, also the filter envelope drawings become available.

In Midi Pitch mode, Midi C4 = normal pitch of sample
In Frequency mode, frequency note 8.00 = normal pitch of sample

note example:
i2 0 0.8 60 1.0 ; P4 = midi value, P5 = amplitude
i2 0 0.2 261.625565 1.0 ; P4 = frequency, P5 = amplitude


see the help balloon when hovering over the controllers in the instrument. Help can be turned off by pressing the 'I' button next to the play bar.


version 1.2, July 2020
- changed filters section
- filter now has Key Follow and Amp Follow option

version 1.1, June 2020
- new Vibrato UDO
- score format real/midi switch. In midi, accepts 'in-between' note values
- better names for ALs
- added jitter for amplitude, filter and pitch

version 1.0, November 2019
- variable amplitude can create some tremolo effects
- ADSR with variable speed
- on/off for ADSR