Name ChannelStrip3
Created At 2023-01-04 7:28pm
Submitted By Menno0


Mixer-channel-strip with 3 eq's.
The X axis of the XY controller represents frequencies from low to high, the Y axis is the Q (feedback).


ON/OFF - bypass
frequency - center frequency in peaking mode, corner frequency in shelving mode.
gain - amount of boost or cut. A value less than 1 is a cut. A value greater than 1 is a boost. A value of 1 is a flat response.
Q - Quality of the filter
Dropdown List - low, high, bandpass, unity gain bandpass, notch, allpass and peak
phase - invert phase of signal
gain - total gain of effect
pan - balance of left and right output signal


version 1.0, Januari 2023
- Initial release