Name 2Mod4 2/2 Module
Created At 2023-04-26 6:21pm
Submitted By Menno0
Type blue.orchestra.BlueSynthBuilder


2Mod4 2/2 Module is the second half of the Modulator system, the other one is called 2Mod4 1/2.

This Module gets up to 4 modulations at k-rate from 2Mod4 1/2.

- kADDITION, kADDPHASE and iADDPHASE is derived from the ADD channel
- kMAXIMUM, kMAXPHASE and iMAXPHASE is derived from the MAX channel
- kMINIMUM, kMINPHASE and iMINPHASE is derived from the MIN channel
- kMULTIPLY, kMULTIPHASE and iMULTPHASE is derived from the MULT channel

They are at k-rate, k-rate but inverted phase, and i-rate respectively.

These modulated signals can be used to manipulate frequencies or amplitudes of the opcodes, or effects like filters in the instrument, and
everything that you want to modulate.


version 1, April 2023
- initial version