Name SFXloop
Created At 2020-12-03 5:01pm
Submitted By Menno0
Type blue.orchestra.BlueSynthBuilder


SFloop loads a Soundfont but does not use any of the transformations and modulations as is embedded in Soundfonts, like looping points, reverb or chorus.
You have to set your own looping points here- allowing for new 'sounds' on the existing and well-known samples like piano, banjo, guitar etc.

where p4 = frequency or Midi Pitch, p5 = amplitude.

For more info:

Reason for this instrument is to have easy acces to those well-known acoustical musical instruments but with different, changeable loop points and interesting transformation options.
It makes the well-known and mostly harmonic sounds "only" basic material to start from.

Note: Big SoundFonts (> 100MB)take a while to load and play.

note example:
i2 0 0.8 60 1.0 ; P4 = midi value, P5 = amplitude
i2 0 0.2 261.625565 1.0 ; P4 = frequency, P5 = amplitude


see the help balloon when hovering over the controllers in the instrument. Help can be turned off by pressing the 'I' button next to the play bar.


version 3.2, December 2020
- added color option, for accessing a sample on a different key

version 3.1, November 2020
- added tremolo envelope

version 2.1, October 2020
- againbig overhaul: new filters
- filters have amplitude or frequency/pitch followers (exponentially)
- checkbox for P4 = frequency or MidiPitch
- 2 types of filter envelopes, can be mixed

version 2.0, July 2020
- big changes: new vibrato, new dynamics,

version 1, September 2019
- built with XlooperSolo as a template