Name XlooperSolo1.3
Created At 2019-11-26 5:01pm
Submitted By Menno0

XlooperSolo is a sampler.
XlooperSolo accepts one sample, mono or stereo.
Start In Sample, Begin Loop and End Loop are relative to the samples length, so loading a smaller sample gives better resolution for setting a loop.

The Sound SoundObject , like all Sound SoundObjects, passes the mixer through the SubChannel. This means:
1. a name entry must be given in the box SubChannel:
2. create a subchannel
3. rename this Subchannel to name given in the box SubChannel:
4. apply effects (if needed)

version 1.3, November 2019
- added 'report mono or stereo' to check if sample is mono or stereo
- added 3 different ADSRs, but the Amplitude Envelope can be used as an ADSR as well

version 1.1, August 2019
- filter section is simpler, added filter depth