Name ATS Creator
Created At 2019-03-19 9:14am
Submitted By Menno0

The ATSCreator uses the ATS analyses system to create determenitic and residual signals. Changing various options of the ATS analyzer has a great impact on the result.
The ATS Player, made by Steven Yi, can be used to synthesize those signals, but, of course, other ATS synhtesize opcodes can be used as well.

- default settings are displayed between parentheses
- set switch manually between standard analyszing and personal settings
- the input file is an existing file, the output filname has to be created
- the Sound SoundObject has to have a length of 10 seconds, to be sure the Analyses has completed
- after which the ATS Player with the according input ATS file can be placed
- analyzed files can vary with different settings

version 1, March 2019