Name XlooperSeq
Created At 2020-10-26 11:58am
Submitted By Menno0
Type blue.orchestra.BlueSynthBuilder


Idea of XlooperSeq is to use a lot of samples and play them in series or parallel (or a bit shifted in time) so that it feels like one complicated cluster.
Samples can be played simultaneously also, if you set the notes start at the same start time.
There are no filters, and the idea is to get colors in the clusters by combining more than 1 sample. If you need more filter options, try the XlooperSolo.

XlooperSeq, where X stands for crossfade time of the looping.
Turns stereo and mono samples into mono output, but can individually be panned in order to create one dense sonic structure.

There is a report function that to find out if certain samples are loaded or invalid.

Samples can be muted and unmuted while playing, using their respective Automation Lines 'mute sample X'.

Sometimes a sample module stays silent; it has to do when loop direction is set to 'forward and backwards', due to the in and out fade time the loop gets out of the available sample length.

In Midi Pitch mode, Midi C4 = normal pitch of sample
In Frequency mode, frequency note 8.00 = normal pitch of sample

note example:
i2 0 0.8 60 1.0 4 ; P4 = midi value, P5 = amplitude, P6 = sample
i2 0 0.2 261.625565 1.0 7 ; P4 = frequency, P5 = amplitude, P6 = sample


see the help balloon when hovering over the controllers in the instrument. Help can be turned off by pressing the 'I' button next to the play bar.


version 1.2, October 2020
- added BSB information comments
- changed P4, P5 UDO

version 1.1, June 2020
- added comments on controllers and description
- renamed ALs
- revamped sample choice system
- added Comments

version1, November 2019
- 2 types of ADSR