Name ImagePlayer_v3.0
Created At 2017-12-24 2:43pm
Submitted By Menno0
Type blue.orchestra.BlueSynthBuilder

This instrument plays images. The image must in the PNG format.

A few things to understand for chosing the right image:
- No sound when only black image
- 3 basic colours (RGB) on which the image opcodes react: red, blue and green.
- The three colours (red, green and blue) can be faded in or out.
- The image is scanned from left to right (X axis) and from top to bottom (Y axis) or reverse
- Top of the image = the lower frequencies, bottom of the image = the higher frequencies or reverse
- take a low scanning speed for adsyn, so with low base frequency, there will be no problems with Nyquist distortion (aliasing).

The lpf18 filter can be applied to avoid further aliasing when experimenting at higher base frequencies . .

example of score:
i1 0 20 244
where p4 = pitch number.
Not in frequency because pitch number = base frequency only when scaling is set to 1.

please have a look at the Wiki page:

version 3.0, december 2017
- layout converted to JavaFX standard, blue version >=2.7
- renewed layout so that: - XY controller represents the portion of the image to be scanned
- added filter ADSR with depth control
- added stereo option that puts RED to the left, GREEN in the middle and BLUE to the right
- rescaling of base frequency when playing
- more than ImagePlayer can be used in a composition

version 2.3, december 2015
- improved text for labels
- added a setting for basefrequency instead of p4
- added anti-aliasing switch & aliasing filter is adjustable

version 2.2, nvember 2015
- changed label 'logaritmic' to 'exponential'
- XY positions are now automatable
- added labels to explain the range of image to be scanned

version 2.1 , november 2015
- fixed file input selector
- removed fill table option because prone to errors
- removed switch for inverse X Y read out (not interesting enough)
- XY position for number of overtones
- select log or linear ftable to hold frequencies
- choose the part of the image width to play
- changed filter to LPF18 with distortion
- red, green and blue volume now undependent from each other

version 2 , october 2015
- stereo option
- add limit to voices to save CPU
- variable ftable to hold frequencies
- changed filter to LPF18 with distortion
- switch for inverse X Y read out
- 5 basic waveforms

* version 1.1, april 2013
- repaired initialization bug
- show width and heigth of image
- transition from raw sound (=low resolution) to clean sound (+high resolution) is fluid now
- added panning

* initial version 1, march 2013