Name ladspa autotalent
Created At 2020-07-27 11:34am
Submitted By Menno0

a wrapper of ladspa plugin 4262 called AutoTalent, created by Tom Baran. All of the code but the FFT routines is licensed under GPL2.
plugin has mono input, mono output.

The dssi opcodes are wrapping the ladspa plugin so it can be used as an effect for Blue.
The PATH for the ladspa plugins on my Linux systemm is /usr/lib/ladspa. Be sure to set the right PATH if you run OSX or Windows.


It's a real-time pitch correction plugin. You specify the notes that a singer is allowed to hit, and Autotalent makes sure that they do.
You can also use Autotalent for more exotic effects, like the Cher / T-Pain effect, making your voice sound like a chiptune, adding artificial vibrato, or messing with your formants.
Autotalent can also be used as a harmonizer that knows how to sing in the scale with you.
Or, you can use Autotalent to change the scale of a melody between major and minor or to change the musical mode.


ON/OFF - bypass
File Selector - set path for
Concert A - value in Hz, the basis for the whole effect
Fixed pitch - pitch (semitones) toward which pitch is pulled
Pull to Fixed Pitch - degree to which pitch is pulled toward FIXED PITCH. 0 = use original pitch, 1: use FIXED PITCH
A/Bb/C...Ab - notes in scale
correction strength - strength of pitch correction
correction smoothness - 0: abrupt transitions, 1: smooth transitions
Pitch shift - # of notes by which output is shifted
Outout Scale Rotate - # of notes by which the output scale is rotated (change scales)
LFO depth/rate - gain and frequncy of LFO
LFO square/sine/tri - 3 different LFO waveforms
LFO symmetry - rise/fall of LFO wave
LFO quantization - just that
Formant Correction - 0: no, 1: yes for shifting formants
Formant warp - change color of sound
mix - mix direct signal with effect


version 1.02, July 2020
- added BSB information comments

version 1.01, May 2020
- added comments on controllers

version 1.0, June 2019
- initial version by Menno Knevel