Name Xpan
Created At 2020-07-25 7:00pm
Submitted By Menno0


small tool - but very handy - that uses the opcode pan2. pan2 offers 4 different ways of panning solutions - see manual.
The incoming signal can be either mono or stereo.


ON/OFF - bypass
combine to mono - If the signal is stereo, it can be made a mono one.
panning - pan the mono signal
mode - pan the mono signal according to different panning laws
swap Left/Right channel - exactly that
MS stereo - use the MS stereo formula on the stereo signal
MS Rotate - the angle of rotation in degrees, usually in the range of -45 to +45. Negative values result in a rotation rightward. Positive values rotate leftward.
Left/Right - output gain for Left and Right channel


version 1.22, July 2020
- added BSB information comments

version 1.21, May 2020
- added comments on controllers

version 1.2, February 2019
- included MS stereo option for alternative panning handling, using the UDO from,
created by Joseph Anderson and Matthew Ingalls

version 1.1, February 2019
- added stereo option with swap channels
- added channel gain

version 1, november 2017
- mixes the left and right signal so it can be panned in a stereo image (by Menno Knevel)