Name SolinaStereo
Created At 2020-07-25 3:14pm
Submitted By Menno0


Solina Chorus, based on Solina String Ensemble Chorus Module

based on:
J. Haible: Triple Chorus
Hugo Portillo: Solina-V String Ensemble
Parabola tabled shape borrowed from Iain McCurdy delayStereoChorus.csd:
Author: Steven Yi
Date: 2016.05.22


ON/OFF - bypass
freq1/2 - frequency 1 and 2 of LFOs
amp1/2 - amount of gain of the LFOs
stereo - switch to mono or stereo
mix - mix direct signal with effect


version 1.01, July 2020
- added BSB information comments

version 1.0, Juin 2020
- initial version by Menno Knevel
- slightly adapted code from UDOs by Steven Yi (2016) and tgrey (2016). tgrey added a stereo option.