Name BrickLimit
Created At 2020-05-17 2:49pm
Submitted By Menno0


BrickLimit is a simple 'brick-wall' limiter, developped in Cabbage by Iain McCurdy (2016). A small delay is used; this acts as a look-ahead feature.
This is an implementation as a blue effect, and some values are slightly adapted for use within blue.


ON/OFF - bypass
Threshold - dB threshold below above which signals will be aggressively limited
Smoothing - response of the amplitude follower. Higher values result in a slower, but possibly smoother, response
Delay - delay applied to the input sound before it is limited (the tracked signal is always undelayed)
This can be useful for compensating for a limiter than is not responding fast enough to sudden dynamic transients
Gain - Make up gain. Useful for compensating for gain loss.


version 1.01, May 2020
- added comments on controllers

version 1.0, April 2020
- initial version by Menno Knevel. Original code largely developped in Cabbage by Iain McCurdy (2016)