Name CrossX1.1
Created At 2018-02-07 9:31am
Submitted By Menno0

The CrossX divides the signal in 3 band spectra: low, mid, high.
In the pre-fade of a Blue mixer strip, add 3 sends to 3 different Subchannels. In each Subchannel, put the CrossX and set the checkbox to active for the LOWpass, BANDpass and HIGHpass.

The Y axis represnts the amplitude of each band, and the X axis of the 2 windows LOW and HIGH determine the LOWpass frequency cutoff and HIGHpass frequency cutoff.

On each of the Subchannel (= spectrumband) it is now possible to add effects or adjust the volume. You can mix the 3 outputs of the Subchannels and its effects together again
, for example in a 4th Subchannel, to create different sound textures from one sound source.

version 1 , January 2018
- 3 band spectrum divider
- checkbox on/off

version 1.1, februari 2018
- added filter depth
- used modified buttpass UDO from Victor Lazarinni