Editing Automations

To edit line values in a Parameter Automation, first switch to Single Line mode. Then, for the desired SoundLayer, select which of the assigned parameters to edit. This can be done either by using the SoundLayer Edit Panel's Parameter selector (found on the second row below the row with mute, solo, etc.; only shown when SoundLayer size is greater than 1), or by right-clicking the SoundLayer in the main area and selecting from the popup menu (the actively editable Parameter Automation will be disabled from the popup menu).

Once a parameter is selected, the user can change the color of the line by using the color box next to the parameter selector panel on the SoundLayer Edit Panel. To add new points, use the mouse and mouse over to where you would like to add a point and press the left mouse button. After pressing, the point will be added, and the user can drag to modify the just entered point. Releasing the button will complete the addition of the line point. To edit an existing point, mouse over a point until it is highlighted in red, then press the left mouse button, drag, and release when finished. To remove an existing point, mouse over a point until it is highlighted and press the right mouse button.

For finer control over the line points, right-click on the parameter line panel when not over an existing line point. A popup menu will appear and select "Edit Line Points". A dialog showing a table of line points with time values in one column and parameter values in a second column. The user can then enter in values by text entry.