The SoundObject Library is a place to store SoundObjects either project-wide or program-wide. The project-wide library can be used to store a SoundObject that you may want to user later but it also enables Instance SoundObjects to be made. Instances of SoundObjects point to the SoundObject in the library and when the instance generates its score, it will call the SoundObject in the library to first generate score and then apply its own properties and NoteProcessors to the generated score. Updating a SoundObject in the library will then update all instances of that SoundObject. This feature is useful to represent the idea of a motive, with instances of the motive allowing to have transformations by use of NoteProcessors.

The program-wide library (called "User SoundObject Library" in the interface) allows one to build up a catalog of reusable SoundObjects. SoundObjects such as Sound and ObjectBuilder allow users to build highly configurable sound and score generators that have a high degree of reusability. The program-wide library is also where SoundObjects are exported from and imported to with BlueShare.