Accepts NoteProcessors: no, Supports TimeBehavior: no


This SoundObject is unfinished and not enabled for normal use. This information is left here for the future if the module is ever finished and reenabled.


The CeciliaModule is a soundObject that is meant to be compatible with modules for the program Cecilia (http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/cecilia), created by Alexandre Burton and Jean Piche. The CeciliaModule is not as fully featured as Cecilia itself as some features found in Cecilia do not make sense within the context of Blue.

One major advantage of the CeciliaModule is the ability to have as manyinstances of a module on the timeline as one likes, all without one worrying about variable name clashes or other issues. Blue automatically parses and renumbers instruments, ftables, and score statements so that they do not interfere with other instances of the same module.

Differences between Cecilia and CeciliaModule

Modifications required for Cecilia Modules to run in CeciliaModule

Cecilia modules require at least one modification before they are able to run in Blue, and also must adhere to a few more constraints of design.

Appending “ftable” in Instrument Definitions .  Instruments are required to append the word “ftable” before any number that is meant to be an ftable. For example:

        instr 1

        aout oscil 10000, 440, 1

        out aout, aout endin

would have to become:

        instr 1

        aout oscil 10000, 440, ftable1

        out aout, aout endin

The purpose of this is so that Blue will know what ftable references will need to be updated when Blue reassigns ftable numbers.