Usage Ideas

Using the external SoundObject and the Python SoundObject, besides their general usefulness of allowing scripting in blue, may be considered alternative methods of extending blue through script rather than compiling Java programs. The extensibility of the system is very open-ended, as whatever is available to Python and other languages now becomes accesible to blue, as well as using score-generating programs that are able to print to stdout.

So if you wanted to write a perl script that hits weather websites on the internet, gathers data from them, and then maps that data to different parameters of a note generating algorithm, you could build that outside of blue, but then have the added benefit of being able to use that within blue.

If you build a C++ program to generate scores, you're able to call it from within blue.

Maybe even something simple like doing a text include of a text file could be done rather easily with a few lines of Python or perl script.

Also, you can approach building scripts for tools as also being prototypes for building fully qualified blue SoundObjects and noteProcessors in Java, which has the added benefit of being able to have a GUI added to it. so if you have a utility script you use often, suggesting it to a Java programmer could lead to it's inclusion into blue, where it could be remade in a way to have it be usable by non-programmers as well.