Name Cycloop
Created At 2020-07-02 9:25pm
Submitted By Menno0
Type blue.orchestra.BlueSynthBuilder


Cycloop can be positioned in between the sampler and the granulator, as it has some aspects of both of them. The instrument takes in the sample and loops it.
By retriggering the overlaps and other features like pitch and reading forward/backwards, interesting and evolving textures can be created.
The number of overlaps gives the sound an echoic quality that reminds of the granulators.

Attention: by activating the filter, also the filter envelope drawings become available.


Sample properties:
File Selector - select the sample to use
start pos. - skip in sample
loop begin/end - set looppoints begin and end
pitch - pitch if sample

Grain properties:
size - grain size in seconds
rate - readout pointer rate, in grains. The value of 1 will advance the reading pointer 1 grain ahead in the source table. Larger values will time-compress and smaller values will time-expand the source signal. Negative values will cause the pointer to run backwards and zero will freeze it.
overlap - maximum number of overlaps
amp - amount of amplitude scaling

amplitude/filter/pitch envelopes - for each, it changes values over the note event
amplitude/filter exponential - convert envelope to exponential scale
scale - scale the number of envelopes over the note event
jitter - amount of jitter
min/max - limits minimum and maximum frequencies for jitter-

On/Off - use filters or not, also activate if you want to use the filter envelope. In that case, frequency cutoff will be overriden bu envelope
frequency - frequency cutoff of filter
XY controller - move between the 4 filter types
lowpass/highpass/bandpass/bandreject - 4 filter types
Quality - amount of filter feedback

Trigger On/Off - set ADSR trigger to on or off
ADSR speed - frequency of retriggering of ADSR
Attack/Decay/Sustain/Release - ADSR settings
score format - see p4 and p5 as real values or as midi note events


real value:
freq amp sample
i1 0 2 100 1 4
midi note:
note veloc sample
i1 0 2 60 100 4


version 1.0, June 2020
- initial version