Name XlooperSolo
Created At 2020-06-30 2:09pm
Submitted By Menno0
Type blue.orchestra.BlueSynthBuilder


XlooperSolo is a sampler for mono and stereo samples.
It can loop at any arbirary points, the loop points can be changed while playing. A fade time should is a guarantee (most of the times) for clickless loops.
Attention: by activating the filter, also the filter envelope drawings become available.


File Selector - choose soundfile to load
check mono/stereo - find out if sample is mono or stereo
start in sample - offset in sample to start from
looprange begin/end - set loop points for begin and end
pitch/pitch ON - multiply pitch by this value if Pitch On is activated
pre - pregain to apply gain for sample that are to soft or loud
L/R - output gain for Left and Right output
tuning - total tuning of sample, 1 = neutral
loop direction - forward/backwards/back-and-forth

amplitude/filter/pitch envelopes - for each, it changes values over the note event
amplitude/filter exponential - convert envelope to exponential scale
scale - scale the number of envelopes over the note event
jitter - amount of jitter
min/max - limits minimum and maximum frequencies for jitter

On/Off - use filters or not, also activate if you want to use the filter envelope. In that case, frequency cutoff will be overriden bu envelope
frequency - frequency cutoff of filter
XY controller - move between the 4 filter types
lowpass/highpass/bandpass/bandreject - 4 filter types
Quality - amount of filter feedback

On/Off - On and Off switch for vibrato
fade in - when on, go to full amount at end of note event
depth - amount of LFO gain
speed - frequency of LFO
wave - choose waveform

Xfade - duration of looppoint fade out/fade in
dirt - random values for looppoints duration

Trigger On/Off - set ADSR trigger to on or off
ADSR speed - frequency of retriggering of ADSR
Attack/Decay/Sustain/Release - ADSR settings
score format - see p4 and p5 as real values or as midi note events


version 1.1, June 2020
- new Vibrato UDO
- score format real/midi switch. In midi, accepts 'in-between' note values
- better names for ALs
- added jitter for amplitude, filter and pitch

version 1.0, November 2019
- variable amplitude can create some tremolo effects
- ADSR with variable speed
- on/off for ADSR