Name SFXloop
Created At 2019-09-01 6:43pm
Submitted By Menno0
Type blue.orchestra.BlueSynthBuilder

SFloop loads a Soundfont but does not use any of the transformations embedded in Soundfonts, like respecting looping points, reverb or chorus.
You have to set your own looping points here- allowing for new 'sounds' on the existing and well-known samples like piano, banjo, guitar etc.

where p4 = frequency, p5 = midi velocity.
Example: i3 0 0.2199519231 261.625565 100
For more info:

Reason for this instrument is to have easy acces to those well-known acoustical musical instruments but with different, changeable loop points and interesting transformation options. It makes the well-known and mostly harmonic sounds "only" basic material to start from.

crashes can happen if you choose a bank or preset that contains nothing; sometimes you get just an error report, sometimes Csound crashes.
How to prevent this kind of behavior:
1. load a Soundfont
2. set bank and preset to 0
3. check the box 'show presets'. This shows all banks and presets from the Soundfont
4. let Blue render a small section that contains no Objects; the preset list will be produced
4. choose an existing bank and preset
5. uncheck the box 'show presets'
6. run your PianoRoll or whatever Object

version 1.0, September 2019
- built with XlooperSolo as a template