Name Xlooper2.1
Created At 2018-02-13 11:05am
Submitted By Menno0
Type blue.orchestra.BlueSynthBuilder

Idea is to use several (sample)sounds and mix them so that it feels like one complicated sound.
Xlooper where X stands for crossfade time of the looping

february 2018, version 2.1:
- added XY controller to mix the 4 soundfiles
- warning if sample is invalid or not loaded
- SubChannel option to send the 4 samples to the 4 different subchannels. ATTENTION: the four Subchannels and their names must be created beforehand

september 2017, version 2.0:
- using a new GUI (blue 2.7.1 or higher)
- renamed Automation Line parameters for more clarity in naming
- changed ADSR to MADSR. i prefer to see the release time of a note to continue after the note itself stopped - like in midi
- not compatible to version 1

June 2016, version 1.0:
- mixing of 4 samples
- muting per channel
- use of faders is preferred because of higher resolution and visual cue as to the position between the faders.
- select looping range per sample and crossfade time for respective samples
- option to randomize volume per sample
- option to randomize panning
- option for a subtle vibrato