Name Body Type M
Created At 2020-05-17 2:50pm
Submitted By Menno0


sound is going through 5 spring-mass systems (mode opcode) and is 'reverberating' on the frequency you set.
(Combined with the dry signal,) it produces a resonant body to the sound.


ON/OFF - bypass
gain - gain for input signal
Q - Quality of filter
frequency - resonant frequency of the filter
dry - direct signal
wet - wet (effect) signal


version 1.11, May 2020
- added comments on controllers

version 1.1, february 2019
- set mode ringing in stereo panning

version 1, december 2017
- initial version by Menno Knevel
- 5 springs to 'color' the incoming sound
- wet/dry mixing
- comparison switch to quickly check the effect against the direct signal