Name PhaseShaper - Orch
Created At 2007-12-14 8:30pm
Submitted By stevenyi
Type blue.orchestra.BlueSynthBuilder

version 1.1
Released: 2007.12.14
Author: Steven Yi

This instrument is modeled after the Casio CZ-101 and its Phase Distortion Synthesis (called phaseshaping here by the author, due to its likeness to waveshaping but on the phasor). The PhaseShaper instrument is not meant to exactly replicate the CZ-101 but instead is inspired by it, intentionally leaving out some features (like noise modulation and amp key follow) and adding in unique ones (like the ability to draw in the phaseshaping tables). It is suggested the user read about the CZ-101 before using this instrument. This instruments oscilators are made up of a phasor indexing into a phaseshape table, which in turns yields the indexes to use to read into a sine wave table.


v1.1 - 2007.12.14
-fixed use of envelopes (OSC 2 attack was not being used due to incorrect setting of widget property, some OSC2 values were using OSC1 settings)
-removed use of balance opcode
-fixed calculation of p3 addition to check release time of OSC 1 or OSC 2

v1.0 - 2007.12.08
-initial release