Name Xlooper
Created At 2016-06-19 5:42pm
Submitted By Menno0
Type blue.orchestra.BlueSynthBuilder

Idea is to use several samplesounds and mix them and loop them so that it feels like one complicated sound.
Xlooper is the name, where X stands for crossfade time of the looping.

Xlooper is based on the opcode flooper2, but has some extensions.

version 1, June 2016
- mixing of 4 samples
- muting per channel
- use of faders is preferred because of higher resolution and visual cue as to distinguish the position between the faders of the looping points.
- select looping range per sample and crossfade time for respective samples
- option to randomize amplitude per sample
- stereo option (randomize panning
- option for a subtle vibrato
- crossfade time of the loop can be varied by the "dirt" option. This way the looping points will vary a bit and the looping sound will never sound exactly the same.