Name BdTR v2.0
Created At 2011-06-25 3:12pm
Submitted By markvp
Type blue.orchestra.BlueSynthBuilder

BdTR with extra features

Author: Mark Van Peteghem
Based on the instrument BdTR by Atte Andr? Jensen (, 2007

This instrument adds extra features to the instrument BdTR.

It has one extra p-field, p4, that is the amplitude. If it is 0 or less it is
in decibels below 0dbfs, otherwise it is multiplied with 0dbfs (so should be 1 or less).

Instead of custom waveforms, it lets you choose between a sine and a triangle.
For the sine you can choose the amplitude of the second harmonic,
for the triangle you can choose the pulse width.
Furthermore you can choose how the sine or triangle should be distorted,
allowing a big variety of waveforms.

The envelope type can be exponential or linear. With a linear envelope
the perceived duration is closer to the one specified.

An optional lowpass filter lets you adjust the tonality.

The RM knob lets you optionally generate a second similar signal with
a higher frequency, that is multiplied with the original signal.

The volume adjust knob lets you adjust the volume so that when p4 is 1
it will actually be 0dbfs. Changing the condition 1==0 to 1==1 prints out
what value should be there to achieve this (set p4 to 0 or 1 to do this).