Name Pluck+phaser
Created At 2010-07-31 3:15pm
Submitted By markvp
Type blue.orchestra.BlueSynthBuilder

This is a simple instrument that uses the phaser1 or phaser2 opcode on a
signal generated by the pluck opcode. The pluck opcode is in the mvpPluck
UDO, which checks ipar1 and ipar2, so you don't have to worry about
restrictions on these.

Despite the simplicity this instrument generates very diverse and
interesting sounds.

Some knobs have a text field under them, these allow you to change
the value (e.g. an extra p-field or a global value).

p4: pitch or frequency
p5: in decibels below 0dbfs if 0 or negative, otherwise amplitude as fraction of 0dbfs (0-1)