Name Sine modulo pluck
Created At 2010-07-04 2:42pm
Submitted By markvp
Type blue.orchestra.BlueSynthBuilder

This instrument modulates a sine wave with the signal
generated by the pluck opcode. You can optionally modulate
a second time. For both you can choose between phase
modulation and frequency modulation. Phase modulation
usually sounds more harsh, frequency modulation usually
sounds warmer.

The pluck opcode is in a UDO called mvpPluck, that adjusts
the parameters if necessary, so you can twiddle around with
the parameters without caring about the restrictions.

The frequency of the sine and the pluck signal are the requested
frequency multiplied by an integer from 1 to 5. To have the
requested frequency as a basic harmonic, the greatest common
divisor of these two integers should of course be 1.

The envelope is that of the signal created by the pluck opcode,
otherwise you are left with a dull sine when the signal of the
pluck opcode has died out.

Some knobs have a text field under them, these allow you to change
the value (e.g. an extra p-field or a global value).

p4: pitch or frequency
p5: in decibels below 0dbfs if 0 or negative, otherwise amplitude as fraction of 0dbfs (0-1)