Name Pluck
Created At 2010-06-27 2:46pm
Submitted By markvp
Type blue.orchestra.BlueSynthBuilder

This is a basic instrument using the pluck opcode.

The pluck opcode is in a UDO called mvpPluck, that adjusts
the parameters if necessary, so you can twiddle around with
the parameters without caring about the restrictions.
It does not allow you to choose a custom table.

You can specify a release time, which is necessary if the note
ends before the signal dies out by itself.

I added an experimental feature: you can silence the begin
of the instrument, which takes away the transients at the very
beginning, producing a more monotonous but often still
beautiful sound. Of course you have to take into account in
your score that if you use this feature, the signal will start a
little later.

p4: pitch or frequency
p5: in decibels below 0dbfs if 0 or negative, otherwise amplitude as fraction of 0dbfs (0-1)