Name Supersaw
Created At 2010-06-27 2:11pm
Submitted By markvp
Type blue.orchestra.BlueSynthBuilder

A supersaw is available on some synthesizers as an extra waveform,
besides the familiar sine, triangle, square and saw. A supersaw is
typically seven saws that are slightly detuned. I found out that you also
get a nice sound if you replace a saw with a square, so I made this
instrument that lets you choose between them. They are called pulse
in the interface because you can select the pulse width (does not
apply if saw is selected).

I did not add presets because it usually sounds good, unless the
lo pass knob is too low, and because it does not have that much
diversity (but a nice instrument anyway). It sounds best around
pitch 7.00 to 9.06, especially in chords.

p4: pitch or frequency
p5: in decibels below 0dbfs if 0 or negative, otherwise amplitude as fraction of 0dbfs (0-1)

i1 0 2 8.00 -10
i1 0 . 8.02 -10
i1 0 . 8.04 -10