Name WaveTerrainPad v1.0
Created At 2008-01-02 12:44am
Submitted By atte
Type blue.orchestra.BlueSynthBuilder

Author: Atte André Jensen (, 2007

For background on the wterrain opcode see

This instrument consists of three stacked lines.
Each line defines four points that the center
point will move between at frequency "Roundtrip Freq"
and with a certain radius. The terrain is build using
the selected waveform.

The first line is panned center, the second panned
left and the third right. The panning is controlled
by "width". Lines two and three can be detuned in
relation to line 1.

The resulting stereo signal is applied a single ADSR

* For more depth, run the instrument through a chorus
* The higher the "radius" the buzzier the sound.
* The closer the points are to 0,0