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Latest Instruments Xml

Instrument Name Type Created At User
Xlooper2.1 BlueSynthBuilder 2018-02-13 11:05am Menno0
ImagePlayer_v3.0 BlueSynthBuilder 2017-12-24 2:43pm Menno0
Evolver Type G v1.1 BlueSynthBuilder 2017-12-11 1:31pm Menno0
Evolver Type O BlueSynthBuilder 2017-12-10 2:26pm Menno0
Evolver Type A BlueSynthBuilder 2017-12-10 2:06pm Menno0
Evolver Type F BlueSynthBuilder 2017-12-10 1:01pm Menno0
midiControl1.1 BlueSynthBuilder 2017-11-17 2:21pm Menno0
PADsynthXtended v2.1 BlueSynthBuilder 2017-10-21 6:28pm Menno0
FM_Clang BlueSynthBuilder 2017-10-16 7:03pm stevenyi
SpectralPad v1.2 BlueSynthBuilder 2017-09-24 3:16pm stevenyi