Name RingXtended v1.0
Created At 2017-11-23 6:40pm
Submitted By Menno0

RingXtended is an effect that uses 2 methods for "carrying" the incoming signal (modulator): the Julian Parker ringmodulation (implementation in a UDO by Steven Yi) and the "usual" multiplication with a wave.
I call it Xtended because i wanted several ways to ringmodulate and "mangle" the incoming signal.

The RingXtended needs to have a soundfile (mono or stereo) loaded, else the effect won't work at all.

version 1, november 2017
- uses 4 waveforms to carry the incoming signal: sine, saw, square, pulse and soundfile
- the soundfile modulation option is done by a looping soundfile with pitch control
- a lowpass filter for the carrier signal to filter out some of the harmonics
- option to mix dry/wet signal
- 2 faders for optimizing the frequency of sine, saw, square or pulse wave
- offset option to adjust the amount of sidebands